We Need To Talk About Mirrors

When I was about seven or eight, I became completely enamoured with a Disney Snow White Talk ‘n’ View Magic Mirror. It was gold, with flashing lights and coloured rhinestones, and when you pressed the central button, the characters would take their turn to materialise in the mirror, flitting from the grins of Dopey and Doc one minute to the doe eyes of Snow White and heavily arched brows of the Evil Queen the next. My sister and I used to squabble over taking turns, each one of us eager to overlay the reflection of our childish chubby cheeks with the cartoon-caricature features of the holograms.

On Making Peace With Social Media and Navigating Life Online

Photo: Théo Gosselin

Blue-tacked on my bedroom wall are magazine snippets and colour-pop posters, in the midst of which sits a tiny block of text two inches tall, hacked from a Sunday supplement during my college days. It used to disappear from time to time, only to resurface in-between diary pages or stuffed in a scrapbook; until I decided its message was too important to languish in my desk drawer:

On Having A Mind Of Your Own

The early hours of last Friday were not unusual. I awoke groggily, listening to the sound of rush hour traffic crawling down Commercial Road, the patter of rain, the shouts of schoolchildren filled with Friday anticipation. In some senses, a day like any other. Apart from this was the morning after the General Election.

In Which I Quit My Job

Is there anything better than quitting your job?

I ask because it’s a little over a month since I handed in my notice; and alongside getting a brace (expensive but necessary) switching sixth forms (painful journey but necessary) and moving to London (necessary for entire existence and sanity) sacking in my day job has got to be one of THE BEST THINGS I’ve ever done in my twenty-three years.